Favour Dragon Industrial Group under the jurisdiction of Sapphire Tape Co.,Ltd ,Well Tape Co.,Ltd. and Gelly Tech.Co.,Ltd. Twenty years ago, Favour Dragon Industrial Group began a business dedicated with the ideals of offering the best available products at competitive prices while maintaining the best service available to its customers.
After 20 years of development, group relies on Hong Kong of unique location advantage and the information financial advantage, and itself factories of production advantage, constantly integration resources, now has became the group of has employees more than 300 people, various production equipment more than 90 sets, products covers car class, packaging class, electrical class, protection class, warning class, and mining class, etc. All products gotcertifications of ROHS, and SGS, etc. More items international certifications.
We thank all our customers for their loyalty and continuing support through the years. Each year we are constantly enhancing our product lines by offering a high-quality line of tapes to meet all of your requirements. We are now still continuing to follow the traditions& motto set forth so many years ago, that is: ¡°We Are The Best! ---The best people, the best products and the best service¡±

Wishing your every success in business!

Favour Dragon Industrial Group

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